more films related to Sleaze Art / Kasper T. Toeplitz are to be found on Sleaze Art's You Tube page

"Convergence, Saturation & Dissolution" coposition & live-electronics by Kasper T. Toeplitz, electric harp by Hélene Breschand. Live at festival Bruits Blancs, 2014  

Bass trio KEON+ KTT

LEON is Raphael Ortis and Louis Schild both playing Bass here with Kasper T. Toeplitz, Bass

video by Moju

live at Cave12, Geneva during the Acouphéne Festival 2014


Interprétation de "Fluster" (pour basse électrique) de ZBIGNIEW KARKOWSKI. Extrait

as played at Instants Chavirés, Paris

Kasper T. Toeplitz plays 'Fluster' live at Cave 12, Geneva 01.06.2014, part of the "remembering Zbigniew Karkowski" event.
'Fluster' was composed by Zbigniew Karkowski for KTT's solo electric bass in 2010.

DATA_Noise, a noise / music / stillness / dance / project

Kasper T. Toeplitz : concept, music, programming, generative video, lights
Myriam Gourfink : choreography, dance, noise-data

DATA_Noise received the 2012 Giga_Hertz Preis at ZKM, Karlsruhe. Its premiere is at the 2013 Giga_hertz ceremony.

SLEAZE ART (bass unit) is an experimental group of 4 electric basses. The players are Eryck Abecassis, Frederick Galiay, JB Hanak & Kasper T. Toeplitz. Here is a short video of the composition "Infra". "Infra" was composed by Kasper T. Toeplitz. The video was made by Eryck Abecassis  
some images of Hélène Bresachand playing a little bit of Kasper's T. Toeplitz composition "Convergence, Saturation & Dissolution" (for electric harp and electronics. Sound and image are not good (it was filmed with a telephone during a technical sound check) but in terms of "curiosity" hard to beat : an electric harp, played with a bow, controlled by an iPad and the HotHand x-y-z controller. And to make things even more "more" it was in China, Beijing, during the Musicacoustica festival 2014 !  
improvised duo of Kasper T. Toeplitz & Francisco Meirino, in Lausanne, oblo (feb 2013).  
Kasper T. Toeplitz (solo bass) in Lausanne, oblo (feb 2013).  
Performance of Jonathan Schatz (dance) and Kasper T. Toeplitz (bass) in Lausanne, Musée des Beaux -Arts.  
Rupture & Dissipation
a rough mix of this composition, as played in Geneva, june 2012 by Phoenix Ensemble
Vigroux - Toeplitz
Kasper T. Toeplitz conducting his "Rupture & Dissipation" as played by Phoenix_basel ensemble (june 2012)  
KTT live at LUFF
solo bass, first version of "Aveugle"

KTT conducting the
Insub Meta Orchestra
during the LUFF 2011 festival.
The composition is
written by KTT




The Monster Which Never Breathes

composition for Pipe organ, live electronics and "data-noise"

2 exctracts which show

(#1) the use of the "data-noise" - sensors placed on the organ-player (a Wii) and on the dancer (iPod Touch) parasitate the live action of the computer on the organ's sound

(#2) the organ auto-filtering itself through ring-modulation, either based on ONE note (the Carrier, played on another keyboard) or simply modulating one keyboard by the other. Those creat microtones and a strange distortion

The Monster which never Breathes is here



basstaarang (Philippe Foch - taarang and Kasper T Toeplitz, bass) live during the opening of the festival Electricity 8 in Reims, october 2010

basstaarang is here


Electronic Impro

During the 2010 Electricity 8 festival, in Reims, where KTT was the "featured artist" there was an "acousmatic night". In addition to the "fixed" pieces (by Christine Groult, Zbigniew Karkowski, Daniel Menche, Kevin Drumm, Francisco Lopez, John Duncan & Christian Zanèsi) there was also some live acts - the final being an impro by the 4 musicians, Christian Zanési, Christian Sebille, Thierry Balasse and Kasper T Toeplitz



a dance project by Clemence Coconnier for which I do the live-video part. It was premiered at Abbaye de Royaumont, september 5, 2010.



F. Chopin & K.T. Toeplitz
(Chorégraphie Krystyna Mazurowna, Musique KTToeplitz & Frederik Chopin), in Poznan, Poland, Studio Polskiego Teatru Tanca


Live concert played during the HSF #2 (HackerSpace Festival) , in Vitry, near Paris, on june 2009

I played a solo using my laptop (MaxMSP) and my iPodTouch running the real-time synthesis software, iGendyn. The video was done by Ivan Chabanaud, or "chabalab"


the live solo concert played at LEM festival, in Barcelona, 4th of october 2008 (just the beginning of it, the first 10 minutes)

I played it under the name of DARK MATTER, but Antoine Chessex could not be there




Solo bassComputer

as played in Phill Niblock's loft, in New York,
Experimental Intermedia

on march 21, 2006



a composition by Eliane RADIGUE
as played by KTToeplitz on BassComputer

at Sonic Acts festival, Amsterdam

(feb 7, 2008)



a short movie from the first ever concert of KERNEL
(september 16th 2007, Paris)
is here

movie by Anne Delrieu
more about KERNEL is here



a short movie from the first ever concert of
_Antoine Chessex sax&electronics
_ KTToeplitz BassComputer

(november 10th 2007, Paris)
is here

movie by Anne Delrieu
more about DARK MATTER is here



Anna & Piotr Rosinski did a short film (one minute) about me and my BassComputer. You can see it here

more about BassComputer is there


I did the music for a short commercial for


ice-cream, black with red interior, which leaves your tongue black!! Writing a 10 second long string quartet is something!!

you can see it here


a short film of the performance of


as it was played at ENSCI, in 2006, is here

more about K_apture (and CAPTURE) is here


the live performance, the premiere, of


the composition Dror Feiler wrote for me, to be played on BassComputer. It was premiered in Les Voûtes, Paris, in june 2006.

more about BassComputer