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Kasper T. Toeplitz

rosa_11, CD

Electronic composition played live by Kasper T. Toeplitz and Myriam Gourfink. Noise and stillness. Also generative video, and the noise of circulating data

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photo by Marc Coudrais
cover by VeroWeil




Kasper T. Toeplitz

rosa_10, CD

Music for live electronics, bass and lithophone. Played by Kasper T. Toeplitz (composition, live-electronics, bass) and Philippe Foch (lithophone). This music was written (and played live) for the dance piece named "GRIS" choreographed by Myriam Gourfink. Immobility by Margot Dorleans, Carole Garriga, Deborah Lary and Véronique Weil.

photo by Hervé Véronèse
cover by VeroWeil



Kasper T. Toeplitz

rosa_09, CD

A long composition for solo bass - one long piece, very textural, very polyphonic or rather very polytimbral. You probably could not say it is a bass, but it is not important

cover by Daria Gabriel

Inerte   Radigue 2

Akerlund / Toeplitz

rosa_08, CD

INERT/E is the duo of Lars Akerlund and Kasper T. Toeplitz. They both play computers and other electronic devices, Toeplitz also integrates his bass guitar. The music sounds mostly electronic, long, evolving multi-layered soundscapes.

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cover by Paul Collins




rosa_07, CD

A composition for solo electric bass, written by Eliane Radigue, and played by KTToeplitz. After performing this piece many times, and when the first edition was sold out, it seemed interesting to re-record the piece, just to see how a fully fixed but not written down piece ages. All moments are different, but the composition isstill strictly the same.

cover by Thomas Kieffer

Kernel2 2   Kernel DR

"KERNEL #2 (second version)"

rosa_06, CD

The fourth CD of KERNEL - with still the same musicians, Eryck Abecassis, KTToeplitz & Wilfried Wendling - is a re-creation of their first CD, KERNEL#2, two years later. Exactly the same score, but a diffrent interpretation - a much longer one (53 minutes) and with much more density to it.

Actually this CD and this composition define very much what KERNEL is allabout - live interpretation of written scores of electronic music. Comparing the 2 versions is something... - exacltly the same music, never the same !

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cover by Anne Delrieu



rosa_05, CD

This is the third CD of KERNEL (the second one, DEEP, was released on ZORA Records) - with still the same musicians - Eryck Abecassis, KTToeplitz & Wilfried Wendlin. And still live electronic music preformed live on computers

On this CD, two electronic compositions :
2/ DROWNING REPORT (E Abecassis)

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photo Leen Varx
cover by Anne Delrieu


Kernel 2   Depeupleur


rosa_04, CD

KERNEL is an ensemble of live electronic music. All of it is written down, on scores, and is interpreted by the musicians - all in real-time: no sound files, no samples, no sequencers. Analog equipement can be used, even if the core of each musician's set-up is the computer. Each of them has to write its own computer program, as this is considered being part of the interpretation of the written score.
The musicians are Eryck Abecassis, KTToeplitz & Wilfried Wendling KERNEL#2, written by K.T.Toeplitz, is the first piece to be played by KERNEL.
The only used sources are noises, filtered, processed, perveted. A 43 minutes long architechture of noises.

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cover by Anne Delrieu



(Kasper T. Toeplitz & Zbigniew Karkowski)
"ZKT "

rosa_03, CD

LE DEPEUPLEUR is the electronic project of Zbigniew Karkowski and Kasper T. Toeplitz. Both musicians use computers, and create electronic sounds - no samples, no "found" sounds - it's all "pure" electronic. Even if their names can (also) be found in the "noise" circles - they did collaborate with musicians such as Merzbow, Tetsuo Furudate, CCCC or Francisco Lopez, to name a few - they are both composers having done, and still doing fully written down pieces for orchestras, ensembles etc
If there have to be some reference to the work of LE DEPEUPLEUR, it only could be Xenakis
"ZKT" is a long, one-hour piece structured in two parts - its ending being an eternal resonance. Re-read Beckett.

LE DEPEUPLEUR ended after 13 years with the death of Zbigniew Karkowski

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cover by Thomas Kieffer


Capture   Eliane Radigue

Kasper T. Toeplitz

rosa_02, CD

CAPTURE is a piece which is as much music as choregraphy as video, and whose interpreters interpret this piece  in its globality (dance, music, images) and not by separating the different artistic fields . The final form is as much a concert than a dance piece or even a live video installation. All of it. Of course the CD version gives you only the music - a long ascension whose only sound generator is a white noise - carefully sculpted by numerous filters, all activated in real-time by the movements of the 3 dancers

cover by Thomas Kieffer




rosa_01, CD

A composition for solo electric bass, written by Eliane Radigue, and played by KTToeplitz. It was the first time Eliane wrote something for a musician, all her previous pieces were for her synths. Since then she only composes instrumental music, for different musicians.

cover by Thomas Kieffer




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