Some sounds recorded during the work on INOCULATE? It was recorded during the rehearsals, so the quality might be not very good - sometimes it was just recorded as direct-input into the computer. A proper recording of the piece will be done in june 2011

beginning of the second part

same, some minutes later, growing up

first day of work on the trombone solo - distorted, wave-shaped and ring-modulated by the trumpet

the electronic solo played by KTT and by the movement sensors on the dancer, Deborah Lary

Inoculate? is here

ARMY I do a duo with the poet Jean-Michel Espitallier. I started as a classical lecture, with me playing bass, but soon ecvolved into a kind of free-rock unit, when Jean-Michel moved to the drums, and we simply play a sound file of his text, and go free on top. This is the first concert of this new way of doing, live in Rennes, on may 2009  


an extract (in mp3) of my composition KERNEL#2, as played, and recorded, by KERNEL, the ensemble of live electronic music. KERNEL#2 is released on CD by r.o.s.a.

___ r.o.s.a.

Dust Reconstruction (GRM)
an extract (in mp3) of Dust Reconstruction, as it was played by Stevie Wishart (Hurdy-Gurdy & electronics), Ulrich Krieger (sax sopranino & electronics) and KTT (BassComputer) in may 2007. Dust Reconstruction was commissioned by GRM & Radio-France
___ Dust Reconstruction
___ BassComputer
first demo of a new project, Antoine Chessex (sax & electronics) / Kasper T. Toeplitz (bass & electronics/computer). So far we call it Acktt, or Dark Matter, or "Acktt_Dark Matter". We did the first concerts by the end of 2007.
___ Dark Matter
___ Antoine Chessex
___ KTToeplitz
Dust reconstruction KERNEL
Dust Reconstruction, as played by KERNEL (an all-electronic version). It is just a demo. A CD version on the piece was released in early 2009.
Flying Dutchman
a short electronic piece written for the video of the same title by Michael Sellam
a small orchestra piece (strings, percussions and live-electronics) as played during the festival "Warsaw Automn" 2003 [as it is a long piece - 25 minutes - the sound file might take some time to load....]
FROZ#3 FROZ#3 is a composition for TUBAX (a new version of contrabass saxophone). here it is played by Serge Bertocchi  
MUR 2009
deconstruction de poussière
The radio emission "Tapage nocturne" (Radio-France) asked a few musicians a short piece (3 minutes max) for the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin's wall. This is my proposition.  
TRio 9a Marie Simon, Aurélia Vantho et Tanya Lopez Vila ont passée leur BAC option danse 2010 sur cette musique