Kasper T. Toeplitz


Composer, electric bass player and musician who has developed his work in the no man's land between "academic" composition (orchestra, ensembles, opera) and electronic "new music" or "noise music".
Has won several prizes  and distinctions ; 1st prize for orchestral composition at the Besançon Festival, 1st prize at the "Opéra autrement / centre Acanthes" competition, Villa Médicis Hors les Murs (New York), grant Leonardo da Vinci (San Francisco) , Villa Kujoyama  (Kyoto),  DAAD (Berlin).

Got numerous commissions from the French Governement, the radio and from  electronic studios such as Ircam, GRM , GMEM, CRFMW, EMS..
Works  with experimental or unclassifiable musicians  such as
Zbigniew Karkowski, Tetsuo Furudate, Dror Feiler, Art Zoyd, Eliane Radigue, Phill Niblock, Ulrich Krieger, Stevie Wishart, Z'ev, others……..
Some of his long-term groups or projects are LE DEPEUPLEUR (with Zbigniew Karkowski), KERNEL (a trio of computer players), Basstaarang (with Philippe Foch playing taarang), Ephémérides (bass & image by Strom Varx)
Has definitively integrated the computer into the very heart of his work, as a tool of thought and composition, and as a live instrument, hybridising more traditional instruments if necessary, or working  on the sheer electronic noise.

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Composition for wind trio (trumpet, trombone and saxophone), live electronics, dance and data-noise. 55 minutes

Kasper T. Toeplitz
conception, composition et programmation informatique, live-électronics
Myriam Gourfink, chorégraphie
Deborah Lary, danseuse & data-noise
Sylvain Bardiau, trompette
Mathias Mahler, trombone
Frédéric Gastard, saxophone (bass & soprano)

  Théorie des cordes
Double bass & analog effects /electric bass & computer
Bruno Chevillon / Kasper T. Toeplitz
Jonathan Schatz - danse /K T Toeplitz - musique
a hybrid of electric bass, computer and many many more things
Le Dépeupleur
an electronic duo with Zbigniew Karkowski
ensemble of live electronic music
the duo of Philippe Foch (taarang) and K T Toeplitz (bass)
  The monster which never breathes
composition for pipe Organ, live electronics, data/noise and movement
orchestra of low instruments
Unfinished Metal Waves
a piece for a giant TAM and live electronics
A composition where all sounds are produced by the movements of 3 dancers
The score of CAPTURE played on solo computer, as a live-installation
This is my house
a dance piece by Myriam Gourfink, music by KTT, played by Ulrich Krieger and KTToeplitz
Dust Reconstructions
a compositionnal project of live electronic music - with KTToeplitz,Ulrich Krieger and Stevie Wishart