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Sleaze ART
(bass unit)

Déperdition Convergence Inoculate? K.T.T. INERT/E  
Kasper T. Toeplitz
composition, noise, bass, computer

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Bendigo / Australia

Noise and stillness, lights and splinters of video in a wave of energy
kasper t. toeplitz composition and programming
myriam gourfink stillness


Ascension in noise
An infinite - 5 hours-long - ascension in the nature of sound, a slow movement from the ultra-low to the ultra high frequencies as traveled by a huge cloud of well over 100 oscillators. With live treatements and immobility
kasper t. toeplitz - ascension
myriam gourfink - immobility





New LP
Kasper T. Toeplitz & Anna Zaradny
Stacja Nigdy w Życiu

lp AussenRaum

NEVER-NEVER-NEVER : The ultimate cry for freedom, not a revindication, not a position, but the fullness of dreams : the will to do it, do whatever, the way I want. Not even do, no hopes, no future, just the state of "NOW", will not change will not move, you can do whatever you want I NEVER – JAMAIS ! – will and not even shall I listen to you. You can torture me, don't feel the pain, don't even care. NEVER never even was a close cousin to "NO", NO is statement NO is rebellion, NO is a position, against, not good, try something else, no good, a proposition, when NEVER is just pure dreaming, alone in space, no past, no nothing – NEVER lets you change your mind as often you only want, no consequences, since NEVER made it happened, I NEVER said anything like this and who are you and what are you talking about ? NEVER puts this sound, any sound, in front of that one, or follows it, just because, no rules, no esthetics, concerts for empty rooms – JAMAIS de la vie ! – you have not seen it and maybe there was nothing to see and when was it after all. NIGDY w życiu, and you can't prove it anyhow. You can't argue with a dream. Never, never in (your) life.

Two pieces, seemingly appearing out of the void, culminate – and fade away. It's at "Station Never in Life" ("Stacja Nigdy w Życiu" in Polish) where Kasper T. Toeplitz and Anna Zaradny meet for their first duo LP. At the station we experience their music like giant wagon trains slowly passing by. Incredible rich textures emerge and disappear again – a permanent reconstruction, an architecture of loss. The recording features Anna Zaradny on saxophone, playing the instrument in her unique way emanating sounds you might have never heard before as well as Kasper T. Toeplitz on bass and both of them using computers. This is at the same time and old project and a brand new one, or perhaps one in perpetual becoming: the two artists have already played together in many occasions in the past, but this time what is played is a project of a long-term collaboration, a way to explore the passing of time, trying new forms each time, working on the architecture of the proposed music but also the one of the venue in which the sounds will exist: a perpetual reconstruction of a crushed architecture.

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