I belive everything is not there.... some recordings are probably missing - from my collection but from my mind as well. Anyhow, in a more or less chronological order those are the recordings of Kasper T. Toeplitz. Some under my name, some are compilations, other are group projects..... On some I play myself - either electric bass or computer - other are music which i composed, played by other musicians.

FORMANEX : 20 yeras of Experimental music


_a box of 10 CD's and 20 years of FORMANEX's (the group set up by Julien Ottavi, Anthony Taillard and Emmanuel Leduc) work in experimental music. Different compositions by people such as AMM, Christian Wolff, Keith Rowe, Ralf Wehowsky, John Tilbury, Phill Niblock, Onnsemble, Seth Cluett, Radu Malfatti, Michael Pisaro, Julien Ottavi and myself.

The CD #9 is all my work, with two pieces, "SZKIC" and "Demonology #11"


you can see the scores of those pieces on the page "Scores and Compositions"


the box was released on Mikroton



_Cello_Titan (cello, Brice Catherin, & Live-electronics)

_Reflux-Reformation (Percussions, Tom de Cock, & Live-electronics)

_Secteurs d'Interférence (Flute, Erik Drescher, & Live-electronics)

Compositions & Live-electronics, Kasper T. Toeplitz


released by in-possible records.


Hélène Breschand plays:

”OCCAM OCEAN XVI” (for acoustic harp)
by Eliane Radigue


(for electric harp and live-electronics)
by Kasper T. Toeplitz

released by Bocian Records


Congruences Contrariées


INERT/E is a duo of Lars Akerlund and Kasper T. Toeplitz
Since " Congruences Contrariées" is the third release of INERT/E, the duo of Lars Akelund and Kasper T. Toeplitz, we can no more talk about a "meeting" or "ocasionnal collaboration" : it seems that , yes, INERT/E is a "real" project, a long term one. And yes what they present there is what is at the core of this project : long waves of electronic sound architecture - "Congruences Contrariées" the only composition on this CD, last for over one hour, one track of electronic waves, sometimes quiet sometimes more agressive, a balance between the beauty of noise and a static calm. This time INERT/E did not use any fancy synths or any instruments nor "real" sounds : all the music and all the sounds were created on computers ; a "pure" electronic music.

released on Zora Records

Kasper T. Toeplitz / zeitkratzer

Agitation /Stagnation

a double CD of my work for Zeitkratzer. The composition for the ensemble is on one CD, on the second one there is the "electronic score" of the piece, as it was given to teh ensemble. You can play both CDs at the same time



released by Bocian Records


time profiles


INERT/E is a duo of Lars Akerlund and Kasper T. Toeplitz,This is our second release, a double CD. Each of the two CDs support one long track, respectively

"La perte du temps est la plus irréparable, et c'est celle qui inquiète le moins"


"Profils Irrationnels"

released on Zora Records



a duo of VOMIR and KTT. Only electronics, rather harsh. Two of the 3 tracks were recorded Live, one in studio. THe names of the 3 tracks are ESPACE, ESPACE and ESPACE



Phase V

My final collaboration with Art Zoyd & Gérad Hourbette, Phase V, which we started as a duo project which then collapsed. Finally when the 5 CD box was released, only one of my compositions stayed in : "Faze 5 _extérieur" which begins the long suite "Paysage des enfers "


released bi In-possible records

Luzifers Abschied


a project by Akousmatikol, freely based on "Samstag aus Licht", part of Stockhausen's opera "Licht : die sieben Tage der Woche"
With Lunurumh (voices), Michel Doneda (sax soprano), Le Quan Ninh (percussion), Jason Van Gulick (drum), Antoine Chessex (sax tenor), Paolo Sanna (water phone) and Kasper T. Toeplitz (bass)





CD Minautore Records

Kasper T. . Toeplitz


Pogus is very delighted to release this new CD by Kasper T. Toeplitz: AMAS - which could be translated as accumulation, heap, pile, maybe cluster, like the verb "to amass".

AMAS is one lengthy composition consisting of long electronic parts; as described by Toeplitz, it is “a growing organism: my idea when working on it was to take some ideas from Don Buchla’s "philosophy" as a starting point - ideas from the "West-Coast" school of music: in building the "engines" which produce sounds, the shaping of the sounds is rather made by modulations and adding harmonics (kind of distortions) than the more "classical" (East-Coast) method of using filtering. But the Buchla/West-Coast influence is also on the structure of the music itself, the work considered as a living organism rather than a strict composition; or perhaps rather like a fixed time and a walk with a given direction, but all the steps are not fixed.”




Kasper T.. Toeplitz


Electronic composition played live by Kasper T. Toeplitz and Myriam Gourfink. Noise and stillness. Also generative video, and the noise of circulating data

Kasper T. Toeplitz - live electronics, generative video, lights
Myriam Gourfink - stillness

a page about DATA_Noise

photo by Marc Coudrais
cover by VeroWei



Kasper T. Toeplitz


Music for live electronics, bass and lithophone. The music was written (and played live) for the dance piece named "GRIS" choreographed by Myriam Gourfink. Immobility by Margot Dorleans, Carole Garriga, Deborah Lary and Véronique Weil. A huge electronic mass with the raw sound of stones hit by stones inside of it, a blast of energy beforean eternal immobility.

Kasper T. Toeplitz - composition, live-electronics, bass
Philippe Foch - lithophone




"44 1/2 - Live and unrealeased works"

a giant box of 12 CDs and 2 DVD, among which there are some of my compositions for ART ZOYD



released by In-Possible Records

Kasper T. Toeplitz & Anna Zaradny

Stacja nigdy w Życiu

Two pieces, seemingly appearing out of the void, culminate – and fade away. It's at "Station Never in Life" ("Stacja Nigdy w Życiu" in Polish) where Kasper T. Toeplitz and Anna Zaradny meet for their first duo LP. The recording features Anna Zaradny on saxophone, playing the instrument in her unique way, Kasper T. Toeplitz on bass as well as both of them using computers. This is at the same time and old project and a brand new one, or perhaps one in perpetual becoming: the two artists have already played together in many occasions in the past, but this time what is played is a project of a long-term collaboration, a way to explore the passing of time, trying new forms each time, working on the architecture of the proposed music but also the one of the venue in which the sounds will exist: a perpetual reconstruction of a crushed architecture.

Vinyl LP AussenRaum

Zbigniew Karkowski

"Fluster" - for solo electric bass

composition : Zbigniew Karkowski
solo bass : Kasper T. Toeplitz

a one hour- long extreme bass solo written by Zbigniew Karkowski. "Fluster" was commissioned by GRM



CD release by Bocian Records

Kasper T. Toeplitz

"ALMASTY" - solo bass

composition : Kasper T. Toeplitz

Solo bass, one long piece, very textural, very polyphonic or rather very polytimbral. You probably could not say it is a bass.


CD released by R.O.S.A. distribution Metamkine




composition : Kasper T. Toeplitz

Eryck Abecassis: bass
Fréderick Galiay : bass
Jb Hanak : bass
Kasper T. Toeplitz : bass

Second CD of the bass-quartet version of Sleaze ART. A short (30 minutes) violent piece, angry and powerful. Recorded live

CD released on In paradisum



composition : Kasper T. Toeplitz

Eryck Abecassis: bass
Fréderick Galiay : bass
Jb Hanak : bass
Kasper T. Toeplitz : bass

"Un mur du son, un monolithe sonore - des basses et toutes les vibrations qui en découlent - Infra renvoie plus loin et plus bas que les fréquences basses elles-mêmes"

CD on Bocian Records, distribution METAMKINE

Kasper T. Toeplitz, Jean-Noël Cognard, Jac Berrocal

"Disséminés ici et là"

LE SON DU GRISLI : Enregistrés le 18 juin 2014 à Evreux, puis Disséminés çà et là, Kasper T. Toeplitz, Jean-Noël Cognard et Jac Berrocal. Entendus (et expansifs) en Empan et Vierge de Nuremberg, le duo Berrocal / Cognard avait donc encore à dire. C'est-à-dire à improviser, en jouant de codes divers, électriques souvent. Ainsi la basse de Toeplitz, derrière le sifflement des cymbales. Ronflant, elle déroule la trame et le son même de la rencontre : boulevard sous néons sombres sur lequel Berrocal pourra s'exprimer librement – c'est parfois, par quelques câbles no wave, Don Cherry solidement attaché à un totem fiché de travers. En fin de première face, les musiciens grondent toujours, mais en insistant maintenant : noise'n'roll tranchant… Qui tranchera d'ailleurs avec la seconde face : sur un écho léger, le trompettiste y improvise du bout des lèvres quand Toeplitz nourrit quelques parasites et Cognard invente une adéquate ponctuation : c'est alors une danse contournée qui préside aux débats, chassée bientôt par un blues étouffé par d'autres grondements sourds. Et « c'est l'heure », déjà : celle de l'après-écoute, celle où le trio concrétise son vœu du jour : Toeplitz, Cognard et Berrocal, Disséminés, çà et là.

Kasper T. Toeplitz - basse, électronique
Jac Berrocal - trompette & voix
Jean-Noël Cognard - batterie, objets

vinyl by Bloc Thyristors, distribution METAMKINE


composed by FRANCISCO LOPEZ for electric bass and played by KASPER T. TOEPLITZ.

Francisco López is internationally recognized as one of the major figures of the sound art and experimental music. For more than thirty years he has developed an astonishing sonic universe, absolutely personal and iconoclastic, based on a profound listening of the world. Destroying boundaries between industrial sounds and wilderness sound environments, shifting with passion from the limits of perception to the most dreadful abyss of sonic power, proposing a blind, profound and transcendental listening, freed from the imperatives of knowledge and open to sensory and spiritual expansion.

Kasper T. Toeplitz has worked with academic research organizations, such as GMEM, GRM, IRCAM, and Radio-France, as well as with experimental musicians, such as Éliane Radigue, Zbigniew Karkowski, Dror Feiler, Tetsuo Furudate, Phill Niblock and Art Zoyd . Citing Giacinto Scelsi and Iannis Xenakis as influences, his early work was mostly written for traditional instruments.

Important Records

My Daily Noise

Daniel Buess : percussions
Kasper T. Toeplitz, : bass

CD of the duo of Daniel Buess & Kasper T. Toeplitz, playing loud, aggressive music which sometimes is very peaceful, using symphonic bass drums, giant springs, metal percussions, noise effects, low strings, lots of sub-bass and tons of distortion.




CD on ZORA_Records


a bass trio of LEON (swiss bass duo) and Kasper T. Toeplitz. A private release and the beginning of a very nice trio project.



distribution Metamkine

Blast of Silence

Kasper T. Toeplitz / Julien Ottavi

a collaboration between Julien Ottavi and myself - Julien plays voice, laptop and crotales (which are also called ancient cymbals I guess) and I play Bass and electronics. Recorded in Nantes (APO33) mixed in Paris and released by the Polish label Bocian Records - on clear vinyl !!!!




LP on Bocian Records

NO BULLSHIT - a sonic tribute to Zbigniew Karkowski

and audio DVD with over 5 hours of music


LE DEPEUPLEUR (Kasper T. Toeplitz & Zbigniew Karkowski)

"Unifomly Luminous"



Zbigniew Karkowski _ Unreleased Material
a CD released after the passing of Zbigniew Karkowski, with tracks by
ZK & Daniel Beuss - live from LUFF does Tokyo
Ilios - Kelkajan_Fortjan_Muziko
ZK & Julien Ottavi - Xuang
ZK & Lars Akerlund - Mittelpunkte for ZK
ZK & Sin:Ned - Act of Noise


the recording of the very last concert by LE DEPEUPLEUR

"Thinking the unthinkable"

LE DEPEUPLEUR was Zbigniew Karkowski & Kasper T. Toeplitz

more about LE DEPEUPLEUR here

Fibrr Records

INERT / E _ Lars Akerlund / Kasper T. Toeplitz

about INERT/ E see here




rosa_08 distribution Metamkine

this is a home-made (all covers are different!) release of a concert KTT did with Paul Collins' trio P_Lab in Caen, on march 14, 2012. great, somewhat "drony" music, all improvised.

what Vital Weekly says about it : This is quite cute: 'You mean recall having kindly written about my cd-r, 'Wipe Out' way back in Vital Weekly number 486', the letter says, but no, I don't remember what I wrote about last week, let alone August 3 2005. Even after re-reading that review, I have no real clue as to how it sounded, but apparently indeed I liked it. Paul Collins, who wrote that, played on and on with a band called Ultradig and Caandides, and in the last two years with Lukas, Adrian, and Bladine, making up the group P_Lab, who played on March 14 of this year with Kasper T. Toeplitz a concert, which also included texts by Emmanuel Zwenger, the Z in the listing. There is no mentioning of instruments on the cover of this release, but hearing this music, which they describe as 'minimal drone noise', I assume it's an all laptop affair, plus perhaps some out board electronics to further color the detail of the affair. Most of the times it's quite a loud affair of heavy drones which come close to the world of noise, but luckily it's never really loud. For me the first piece, at forty five minutes already quite a beast, would have been enough to get the drift, so the next one, another twenty-five minutes may seem superfluous. The writer only appears, it seems, in the final piece, which curiously then only takes one and half minute. Quite a decent release, nothing new under the sun, but executed with quite an amount of style and care, which works out long and well. (FdW)

CDR by Care Not Care


Kasper T. Toeplitz

PERDU (solo electric bass)

I don't know when this music was recorded, why it was composed, what for, when... I know it is me playing and I know it is only my bass, I know there is no other sounds (as I never use pre-recorded sounds). I found this recording on a blank CDr, at home. nothing written on - what is this? Yes, it is me, for sure and it was obviously a composed piece - the structure is quite unusual. I did not touch, edited or mixed it in any way. And not being able to remember what it was, I called it "mystery bass"



Label Radical Matters

ELEMENTAL II _ composed by Eliane Radigue

Solo electric bass : K.T.Toeplitz

"Elemental II" est la première pièce qu'Eliane Radigue ait jamais écrite pour un instrument sans utiliser de sons préenregistrés, sans utiliser son synthétiseur ARP.
La convaincre à le faire a mis beaucoup de temps, près de deux années, suivies d'une longue période de travail ensemble en studio, à discuter du bruit que fait une montagne après la pluie.
Un premier enregistrement est paru juste après la création de la pièce, en 2004. Aujourd'hui, en 2011, soit sept ans plus tard, après avoir joué la pièce une trentaine de fois en concert, après avoir passé beaucoup de temps avec elle, après l'avoir d'une certaine façon "apprivoisée", il paraissait intéressant de la réenregistrer - autant la démarche est courante en musique classique, elle est inhabituelle pour les musiques "autres". Pourtant là aussi les musiques vivent, évoluent et montrent d'autres facettes ; la même partition, un autre éclairage.

rosa_07 distribution Metamkine



Kasper T. Toeplitz

Instabilité entre son et silence, entre stagnation et pression de l'air ; ou encore fantômes digitaux, rémanences de ce qui n'a pas eu lieu - et l'électronique "live" qui sculpte cette matière. Instruments démultipliés à l'excès ou au contraire réduits au souffle le plus ténu, distordus et parasités par eux-mêmes autant que par la grouillante immobilité de la danseuse, corps à entendre. Une lenteur toujours en déséquilibre aux brusques accélérations, un statisme rempli d'électricité, un mur de son.
Kasper T. Toeplitz : conception, composition et programmation informatique, live-electronics / Myriam Gourfink : chorégraphie / Déborah Lary : danse & data-noise / Trio Journal Intime : Sylvain Bardiau : trompette / Frédéric Gastard : saxophones basse et soprano / Matthias Mahler : trombone

label ALaMuse ALM 003

Dark Matter "Mo.N.D."

Kasper T. Toeplitz : bass, computer, tam
Antoine Chessex : sax, electronics

Dark Matter have realised a monolithic piece of cosmic dark energy, concentrating gravitational lensing phenomenas, in solid waves, through the multi-dimensional quantum-continuum. A must! The duo deals with dense and abstract structures where the hybridisation of the two performers´instruments collapse together resulting in monumental walls of sounds based on the architecture of ruins.


label Radical Matters rmwe#099


Kasper T. Toeplitz & Z'EV _

"Fleur de peau"

a collaboration between KTT and Z'EV. Kasper plays bass and computer, Z'ev only skins - drums.

We have a piece by Z'EV, who plays skins and 'symphonic bass-drum' and Kasper Toeplitz on bass and computer. At the basis there is a live recording from January 2010 in Paris which was mixed and assembled by Toeplitz in the time after that. The one piece, forty-five minutes, is divided in some clear distinct parts, like a strong opener with Z'EV clearly on the skins and Toeplitz on the bass, followed by a long section in which things get a bit blurry: who does what here? Not that it really matters of course, but here the abstraction level goes up. Then, after say some thirty minutes, the two leap into a fierce piece of drumming and distorted bass sounds, almost like a noise/tribal, ending on a similar note in the last five minutes. Quite an odd piece, I must say, or perhaps not something one expects to work very well, but actually it does. Moving from the very loud and demanding passages into a more calm land somewhere in the middle. Excellent.
Vital Weekly 802
realeased by agxivatein


Strom Varx (photography)
Kasper T. Toeplitz (bass)

the first release of the work of the duo of Strom Varx (photography) and Kasper T. Toeplitz (bass) which we called "audial photographic experiment". Slow sub-bass movements of sound with a slightly moving stillness of the images.

released on ZORA Recordings, ZORA_02
distribution by Metamkine


more about EPHEMERIDES


a compilation of (some of the) french "new" electronic scene, on the "D'autres cordes" label, run by Franck Vigroux. Includes works by franck vigroux, jerôme montagne, erikm, christophe ruetsch, annabelle playe, samuel sighicelli, bérangére maximin, sébastien roux and kasper t. toeplitz.

my piece is calle "Territoire Fracas"

d'autres cordes records 2011


A CD by 3 composers but which I consider very much a s being "mine":

_First piece is "Ragnar_2" by Ulrich Kreiger, with Ulrich playing sax and me playing bass
_Second is "Eau Blanche" which i composed, for many many many massed instruments
_Third is "OUSIA", a solo bass piece Droer Feiler wrote for me

all of it is, well, noisy!! All 3 pieces were commissioned by Art Zoyd Studio



KERNEL _____ "KERNEL#2 (second version)"

The fourth CD of KERNEL - with still the same musicians, Eryck Abecassis, KTToeplitz & Wilfried Wendling - is a re-creation of their first CD, KERNEL#2, two years later. Exactly the same score, but a differnet interpretation - a much longer one (53 minutes) and with much more density to it.

Actually this CD defines very much what KERNEL is about - live interpretation of written scores of electronic music. Comparing the 2 versions is something... !!


A page about KERNEL is here
A page about KTToeplitz is here


KERNEL _____ "D.R."

This is the third CD of KERNEL - with still the same musicians - Eryck Abecassis, KTToeplitz & Wilfried Wendling

On this CD, two electronic compositions :


2/ DROWNING REPORT (E Abecassis)

A page about KERNEL is here
A page about KTToeplitz is here
A page about Abecassis is here



(Fractal Music #4)

a compilation CD, concept by Joël Hubaut, realesed by
Station MIR


features a 1 minute piece by

KTToeplitz, played on electric bass

"Royaumes Inconnus"


[60]Project _ Mathew Atkins

A CD by Mathew Adkins made out of short pieces/sounds made by 66 artists :

A_dontigny, AGF, Lars Akerlund, Michael Alcorn, Javier Alvarez, Miguel Azguime, Natasha Barrett, François Bayle, Gonzalo Biffarella, Ludger Brümmer, Mira Calix, Christian Calon, Lawrence Dhomont, Lawrence english, eRikm, Dror Feiler, Christian Fennesz, Ambrose Field, Iris garrelfs, Gilles Gobeil, Kink Gong, Jonty Harrison, Tim Hecker, Erdem Helvacioglu, Zoë Irvine, Christina kubisch, Diane Labrosse, Andrew Lewis, Mats Lindstrom, Francisco Lopez, Eric Lyon, Stephan Mathieu, Adrian Moore, Ake Parmerud, Gert-Jan Prins, Maja Solveig Ratkje, Pedro Rebelo, Steve Roden, Sébastien Roux, Scanner, Janek Schaefer, Conrad Schnitzler, Si-cut.db, Wayne Siegel, Rodrigo Sigal, Sogar, Pete Stollery, Paulina Sundin, Kees Tazelaar, Terre Thaemlitz, Todor Todoroff, Kasper T Toeplitz, David Toop, German Toro-Perez, Pierre Alexandre Tremblay, Hans Tutschku, Rodrigo Cichelli Velloso, Marc Weiser/Rechenzentrum, Yeoh Yin Pin, John Young, Christian Zanesi


Empreintes Digitales

composed by KTToeplitz

Eryck Abecassis, Kasper T. Toeplitz, Wilfried Wendling :
computers & analog electronics

The second recording of KERNEL, ensemble of live electronic music.

ref: ZORA_R01

KERNEL is here

ZORA_Records is here

FROZ#3 _ composed by KTToeplitz

"Saxophone Extrême" a CD played by Serge Bertocchi

The saxophonist Serge Bertocchi did a CD a compositions played on the Tubax, which is a new model of Contrabass sax. Those include my own Froz#3 and other pieces by people such as G. Scelsi, M. Monnet, A. Stroe, M-H Fournier.... Bach even!!

2 versions of Froz#3 do exist - the one recorded here, which is a "CD-only" version, and a "live" version that Serge plays ...

you can listen to an mp3 version here


La chute de la maison Usher _ ART ZOYD


one more project with Art Zoyd. Actually the music for it was written around 2001, but the project was premiered only in 2008. Only one piece written by myself, Froz#4.

of course the "maison Usher" here is the silent movie by Jean Epstein (1928) - and the music was played live with the film.

More about Art Zoyd here

ref in-possible records

composed by KTToeplitz

Eryck Abecassis, Kasper T. Toeplitz, Wilfried Wendling : computers & analog electronics

The first recording of KERNEL, ensemble of live electronic music.

ref: r.o.s.a._04

Le Chant d'Enoch _ composed by KTToeplitz

Compilation Cité de la musique : Les instruments du Musée de la musique

Le Chant d'Enoch is part of the music written for the ART Zoyd's project "ARMAGEDDON"
Here it is played by Laurent Dailleau on solo Theremin with multiple pre-recorded theremins

Mean Density 11.8 _ composed by KTToeplitz

Compilation CrO2: a tribute to analog

My track, "Mean Density 11.8" is an electronic piece, in which i use (among other tools) the recording of Titan, a moon of Saturne. 11.8 being the mean density there. Other tools include a soprano sax (not that you would recognise it) which is a recording of one or two notes played by Ulrich Krieger, noise generators (Litter library), maxMSP, Amber X, the TimeWARP recreation of the ARP synth, and a crackle box - thanks to mats Lindström, from the EMS studio, in Stockholm.

[walnut + locust] http://www.walnutlocust.com/


Le champ des Larmes _
a project with ART ZOYD - half of the music is written by myself (the rest is written by Gerard Hourbette). It is played by Art Zoyd, which for this project is 4 persons - 2 keyboards (+ sensors) and 2 percussions; all of them play some electronics. STYX is written for 4 kaoss-pads (and MaxMSP of course). Certainly the best project i have done with Art Zoyd. More about Art Zoyd here

Figure de proue de l’avant-garde musicale des années 1970-80, le collectif Art Zoyd revient avec Champ des larmes, oratorio électronique pour quatre musiciens et cinq sources vidéos, qui le voit renouer brillamment avec son inspiration des débuts.
Groupe français formé dans les années 1970, ayant navigué dans le sillage de ses amis Univers Zéro, Art Zoyd est surtout connu pour ses musiques composées pour des ballets contemporain, ainsi que pour des films muets – parmi lesquels Nosferatu, Faust ou Haxan –, livrant à chaque fois une interprétation remarquable et pertinente de l’œuvre originale. Les années 1990 avaient été, pour le groupe, plus que difficiles, entre hésitation et redite, et marquées par le départ de Thierry Zaboitzeff, l’un de ses deux leaders aux côtés de Gérard Hourbette, parti entreprendre une carrière solo décevante. Hourbette eut alors l’intelligence de faire appel au renommé Kasper Toeplitz, qui signe ici plus de la moitié des titres et permet à Art Zoyd de redevenir la formation avant-gardiste qu’il a longtemps été. Constitué d’acolytes des débuts (Patricia Dallio) ou de nouveaux venus à point nommé (Jérôme Soudan), le groupe présente Le Champ des Larmes comme un « oratorio électronique pour quatre musiciens et cinq sources vidéos », composé autour du thème des cinq fleuves traversant les Enfers. « Varier les limites d’un champ audible, les préciser ou au contraire en “flouter” les contours, accélérer un mouvement statique, varier le point de gravité d’une masse inerte, alourdir un mouvement continu, sont autant de comportements familiers à ma musique et autant de sensations assimilables à l’idée de l’eau », déclare Kasper Toeplitz, soulignant du même coup les analogies sensitives aux fleuves de l’Enfer qui sont à l’œuvre dans ce disque où se mêlent musique expérimentale, électroacoustique, field-recording et le ambient sombre. Car l’eau qui s’écoule à travers cette œuvre est un flot glauque, opaque et agité. Art Zoyd, dont l’univers a toujours été très sombre, signe ici l’une de ses compositions les plus dépressives et les plus tourmentées, d’une grande beauté sous l’épaisse couche de noir.

in-possible records

disambiguation _ LE DEPEUPLEUR

Zbigniew Karkowski & KTToeplitz : computers

Following ZKT a new Dépeupleur CD - but very different. A study in noises, mostly greys. Not harsh, certainly not melodic - a kind of noisy purity

more about LE DEPEUPLEUR is here

auf abwegen AATP15


Zbigniew Karkowski & KTToeplitz : computers

Recordings Of Sleaze Art third release. LE DEPEUPLEUR is a long term project with Zbigniew. Some could call it "noise" but i belive it is not about noise, it's about composition
more about LE DEPEUPLEUR is here

ref: r.o.s.a._03

CAPTURE _ composed by Kasper T Toeplitz

Computers (softVNS & MaxMSP)

Capture is played by 3 dancers-musicians: Carole Garriga, Myriam Gourfink, Cindy Van Acker,

ref: r.o.s.a._02


composed by Eliane Radigue

Solo electric bass : KTToeplitz

The CD which started the Recordings Of Sleaze Art label. It took me a really long time to convince Eliane to write a piece for me: before that she never composed anything for a musician - well, she did a piece played by Gérard Fremy, "Geelriandre", but it was for tape and piano. So "Elemental II" was the first time she did a piece without any prerecorded sounds, all played live and by someone else. Since then she wrote a piece for Charles Curtis, solo cello. But "Elemental II" was the first one. The bass is plugged directly into my computer, running a MaxMSP patch i wrote. 50 minutes of suspension...

ref: r.o.s.a._01


Laurent Dailleau / Kasper T Toeplitz _ computers

Again a conceptual project - but a nice one. The idea came from Laurent - to make a CD in which each of us only plays on one channel only- kind of Velvet Underground's "The Gift". I then proposed than each of the - mono - parts pans from one side to the other for the duration of the music (which is 45 minutes, more or less). And then that we use exactly the same instrumentation - Macs and MaxMSP here. Of course when working on ours parts we could not know what he other was doing. Turned out quite well. we then played it again live - not the same music, but the same idea. It works.

ref: Tiramizu 2004 _ Tiramizu web-site is HERE

MSG#9 _ composeed by KTT for ensemble & live-electronics

Warsaw Autumn 2003 _ compilation

my piece is written for a small ensemble - strings, percussions and live electronics
You can listen to an mp3 version of it here



ERRATUM 4 _ Compilation


LE DEPEUPLEUR page is here


PURR#2 _ solo BassComputer , composed and played by KTT

33 RPM - Ten hours of sound from France _ compilation

you can find much more about this compliation here . about my own piece, PURR#2, some comments are really great:
__Kasper T. Toeplitz's "PURR#2" resembles a freeway accident victim's last moment of life
__The visceral energy of Kasper T. Toeplitz's "Purr#2," which begins as a furious maelstrom but fades into atmospheric ambience, is an anomaly, though the rest of 33RPM isn't devoid of pathos
__Toeplitz's bombastic "PURR#2", though impressively executed, sounds heavy-handed

PURR#1 _ computer, composed and played by KTT

Compilation. My track was commissioned by them, it was played live in 4 wagons - i did not went to see it, but I was told it was good




Zbigniew Karkowski & KTToeplitz : computers


LE DEPEUPLEUR page is here

CrossFadeEnterTainement, or CFET. ref: PP008. contact: CFET@CFET.COM



my first project with Art Zoyd - the music for the famous silent movie



Phill Niblock : Touch Food

playing the Niblock's solo bass piece.

ref TOUCH TO:59



composition for small orchestra, samplers and electronics. probably the only time I did use samplers (they are so much "art zoyd" and art zoyd commissioned the piece)


The groovers "Sophisticated Boom Boom"

I play some cello on this one. A garage band - rock. Cello is good for this - even if you cannot play it, everybody loves it.


Zenial, Reworked


rework of Zenial's pieces by many artists



No Scale

State Of The Union _ Compilation

a triple CD - each composer had to write a one minute piece. I wrote mine when staying in New York



A compilation, with a track by Le Dépeupleur

LE DEPEUPLEUR page is here



Io CASINO - Mundo das ferramentas

I was invited to play bass on Io's second CD.



François Bon & Kasper T Toeplitz


a collaborative work, based on poetry by Baudelaire




Victor Nubla

Me playing bass - live recording



Zbigniew Karkowski & KTToeplitz : computers

First time ever i used the computer as instrument. Did not knew i would stick to it that much!

LE DEPEUPLEUR page is here


Senssurround Orchestra _ Meltdown Of Control

a sort of "orchestra of noise", done when i was stayin in Japan. A lot of noise, a lot of players:
Zbigniew Karkowski, Atau Tanaka, Dror Feiler, Edwin Van Den Heide, Merzbow, KK Null, CCCC, Tetsuo Furudate, Ami, lots lots lots of people




Collaboration between Tetsuo Furudate and KTT recorded in Tokyo.



first solo CD - very classical if you ask me. 3 pieces which blend in a continuity, the main one being a solo voice piece (sung by Isabel Soccoja) based on texts by Paul Celan.




End ID compilation

made in Japan, when i was staying in Kyoto - it was compiled by koji Mazutani. Was supposed to be about the end of the XX century


Illumination Rounds _ Sleaze Art

CD of Sleaze art, orchestra of electric guitars and basses which i led for some years




not only Vinyl, but a real Ep - 45rpm and all this!!! playing bass with Prey Rien (Bernard Perrot - it was his project - and fred Bigot on guitar). With a version of "THE MIXER" by Jonathan Richman - yes, THE MODERN LOVERS. Hey Girls!!

ref FFFascination 008 54/55 av du Golf, 06250 Mougins, France


Puerta Heliogàbal

Project of Victor Nubla, he invited me to play bass on it, as a "special guest". I remember it was a nice session, in Bercelona, and I played quite well - there is a cool bass solo on the "hidden track".



Noiseville, Blindness & Insight

Sleaze Art orchestra of guitars & basses - in vinyl!

this was the beginning of the second (and last?) incarnation of Seaze Art. A great project!



RADIO BONDAGE compilation

Pray Rien -a pop group, and me playing bass


STIHLL _ composed by KTT for 8 saxophones

"Point de lune et autres créations" compilation of saxophone music

Different (french) composers writing for saxophones - anything from solo to ensemble - Blanc, Carlosema, Petit, Rolin, Rossé and KTT.
"Stihll" is for a double sax quartet (2 sopranos, 2 altos, 2 tenors & 2 baritones). A short piece, 6'30" which was played in many occasions - seems the saxophonists like it. what could it mean - about the composition or about the saxophonists??? the CD was edited by the school of music of Haute-Saône - east of France

ref: ADDIM 70

MEMORY-CENDRES _ composed by KTT for small ensemble

"Présences '92"

A compilation of the "Presences" festival, organised by Radio-France - the 1992 edition as you can guess. The europe of young composers, it says..... My piece was written for the 'Accroche Note ensemble - that's voice, bass clarinet, percussion and double-bass. At the time I was aa "young composer" very classical in fact. It is contemporary music - just an extension of classical. i would not write like this any more, for sure.

It was the favourite of my mother - I mean if she had to choose between MY pieces. it might still be. Because of the voice, no doubt.



The White Horse _ compilation

I play bass on a composition, "NEMESIS" by Alain Basso


WASTED _ composed and played by KTT

"Pièces pour standarts et répondeurs télephoniques" compilation

A compilation with a stupid, "arty" idea - musics for answering machines. Yeah, Touch did the same thing lears later, but this one was done in 1992. Of course the pieces are short. "WASTED" is 38 seconds long, and it's basically a bass feedback played backwards.

Other people on this compilation are Albert Marcoeur, Jerôme Noetinger, Heiner Goebbels, Karl Biscuit , Le Quan Ninh, Bernard Perrot, Jacques Rebotier, Christian Boltanski, Christian Marclay. I did not listen to it in years..

ref: Nouvelles Scènes NS01

ORGONE (Sleaze Art) Paysage Foudroyé (solo bass) composed by KTT


Vinyl. A strange LP, kind of collaboration with the parisian group Shubb_Nigurath. they play one piece, Sleaze Art, in its very first incarnation of 5 electric basses, plays "ORGONE", then there is a solo voice piece, written by Jean-Luc Hervé, of Shubb-Nigurath, and finally "Paysage Foudroyé" which is a bass solo (which i play). it was released by Musea, a label of progressive music - and Sleaze Art was not exactly their cup of tea - they were much more into Shubb-Nigurath. All the people from this scene, at the time were heavily into Magma, Art Zoyd and Univers Zero. I was not into this - i never liked Magma. I would not imagine, at the time, collaborating, years later, with Art Zoyd!

ref Musea